How to Host a Disney Plus Watch Party?

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Disney Plus is Disney’s long-awaited streaming network that launched to great fanfare in 2019 from exclusives from Mandalorian to classic animated films. Disney Plus is a one-stop shop for fans of any branch of the company. But as the service gets ready to premiere some long-awaited shows including a huge collection of marvel shows set in the MCU, it goes without saying you’ll likely want to check out some of these with your friends. Thankfully Disney finally rolled out an update to their streaming service in September that helps you to watch with your friends. But you’ll need to know where to look to use it. It is called GroupWatch. Disney plus’s new feature helps anyone looking to stream movies and shows over the web with their friends do just that: building private rooms where anyone can play and pause the movie in sync. 

Group watch allows up to 7 people at once to watch something on Disney Plus as long as they are all subscribers to the service. It’s not the most fully featured party app we’ve seen yet. There’s no chat service for one thing. But it’s still a feature many have wanted since the app launched in 2019.  

To start a group watch, grab your computer or your phone to get started. You can join a group party on television but you’ll need to create one using the app on either the mobile or desktop. Find the title you want to stream with your friends, but don’t hit play yet. Instead, look for the group watch icon next to the play and add it to the list icons. Once you are in the group menu, you can invite friends using a text message or by sharing the link to any messaging apps. You can also switch to watching on a TV by logging in on your Television account and then selecting the group watch icon next to the movie you selected. Once everyone has joined the chat, click start stream to watch your movie. 

How to use Group Watch on Disney Plus

If you are Watching on your Mobile Device

  1. Pick your title:

Choose any movie or series and tap the new Groupwatch icon on the mobile app or web.

  1. Gather your Group:

Send an invite to up to 6 family members or your personal friends for your watch party.

  1. Watch together:

Sync streams to pause for a break or rewind for an extra laugh without missing a beat. 

  1. React in real-time: 

Share emoji reactions to everyone’s screens using your phone to chat as usual while watching the movie. 

If you are Watching on your TV Device: Features

Just like on your mobile, log in to your Disney plus account and select the movie which you want to watch together with your friends or family. Then click on the group watch icon on the same page next to add to the list icon. That will lead you to another page where you can find your Disney plus account icon, with a ‘+’ sign to invite more people to the watch party to get started. You can also copy the link from there and send it to your friends in any separate messaging app. After all of them have joined, hit the start button to get the watch party started. 

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