The Top 10 Internet Browsers for 2022

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If you are ready to browse through some data about browsers, then look at this interesting list of top 10 internet browsers that you can use in 2022. 

Google Chrome

Launching in 2008 on Windows, Google Chrome today has expanded to Linux as well as Mac computers and iOS and Android phones and tabs as well. Being the most functional browser, it has a massive library of browser extensions that you can utilize in google chrome.

Mozilla Firefox

The most popular alternative to chrome or any other browser is Mozilla Firefox. It is an all-rounder offering a massive library of extensions on all major operating systems. Using Windows Hello authentication, you can provide enhanced security on computer websites for your Windows version.

Microsoft Edge

Being the successor to the classic browser; the Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge has heavily integrated with windows 10 OS, with a built-in Cortana integration. You can also access bookmarks and browsing history in sync between the various devices on which you have your Microsoft account. Microsoft Edge also supports windows timeline.

Apple Safari

If you own Apple devices, then Safari offered by Apple is the best internet browser for you. With built-in support for apple pay and touch ID, Safari is available on all Macs and iOS devices. You can even sync your browsing history and bookmarks with Safari.


Being a secure web browser, Brave is also a beginner-friendly web browser introducing you to the concepts of cryptocurrencies. You can support online creators in alternative ways through brave. With robust privacy and security features; Brave is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers and also on iOS and Android phones and tabs.


Opera is the most diverse web browser, and it supports an extensive library of add-ons. Providing custom wallpapers, the desktop versions of opera can support a wide range of functionality to the browser for efficient performance during browsing the internet. A unique idea introduced by Opera is Opera USB, which is a fully functional version of the web browser which can be run off of a USB drive.


As a private browser, DuckDuckGo offers strong security and privacy. It can also quickly erase all app data, to block anyone from hacking your data. The screen has simple settings for beginners to work on the browser more easily.


Mostly designed for iOS and Android tablets and phones, Aloha is a free web browser that is the best VPN web browser for your mobiles. Allowing optional integrated VPN functionality, Aloha has built-in support for VR videos.


If you are a person known for multitasking, then Vivaldi is the best browser known for the same too. You can easily add any website to the toolbar using Vivaldi. With numerous customization options, Vivaldi also supports google chrome extensions.


This is a browser that is the most sort after by people who love utmost privacy from hidden information trackers and hackers. Epic being a free browser, you can enjoy anonymous private surfing by blocking unauthorized websites from tracking your data. The epic browser also comes up with VPN servers and can act as a blocker for any private data leaks.

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