Meta Has Expanded Their Partnership With Nba Providing 52 Games In VR

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Meta is expanding their partnership with WNBA and NBA, which provides more than 50 live VR games on Meta Quest, and the company launched its games on Monday. Meta Quest is the standard headset of the NBA, as Facebook certified a deal with the league in 2020.

The organisation will deliver a package of 52 live NBA games, counting five immersive 180-degree monoscopic VR games in 2880 on Stadium and Meta Horizon Worlds. Meta will also provide an option of NBA G League, WNBA, and NBA 2K League games throughout the season. 

Consumers can see the dedicated NBA Arena in Meta Horizon Worlds beginning today to watch NBA information with friends and family members, compete in interaction minigames and support their best and favourite team. Meta says that in the future, gaming lovers will be able to watch even more information in the app with NBA League Pass subscription.

Meta also launched their partnership with the league to announce NBA-licensed apparel in Meta’s Avatar Store in the upcoming weeks. Consumers can buy their favourite WNBA or NBA team apparel for their avatar and showcase it across their social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger) and on Meta Quest.

“Meta’s immersive VR technology is getting wide with new opportunities for sports lovers to engage and interact with their best and favourite NBA teams,” said Meta Director of Sports Media and League Partnerships Rob Shaw in a blog post. “Consumers will be able to convey their fandom by donning their best and favourite team’s gear on Avatars and enjoy more live NBA games and experience NBA League Pass in a much more social and immersive way.”

Nba Providing 52 Games In VR

The games available in VR on Meta Quest in January include Milwaukee Bucks vs. Detroit Pistons on January 23, Denver Nuggets vs. New Orleans Pelicans on January 24, Denver Nuggets vs. Milwaukee Bucks on January 24, Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder on January 27, Los Angeles Clippers vs. Cleveland Cavaliers on January 29 and Miami Heat vs. Cleveland Cavaliers on January 31.

For a few years, the NBA has been providing games in virtual reality. Now, the company said Monday, an expanded partnership with Facebook-parent Meta would give basketball fans over 50 live games on the Meta Quest.

People can watch 52 live NBA games in VR during the current season, and a providing of G League, WNBA, and 2K League games on both the STADIUM apps and within Meta Horizon Worlds, the organisation’s metaverse platform. Five of the NBA games will be accessible in 180-degree Virtual Reality.

The Meta Quest 2 is one of the popular VR headsets on the digital platform, with approximately 14.8 million units sold as of June. Due to a supply chain error, Meta increased their cost of the Quest the previous year by $100. The last NBA and Meta deal was certified in 2020 for Quest to be the “presenting partner” for viewing NBA information in VR. While VR headsets are primarily considered gaming devices, sports viewing may encourage non-gamers to try the Quest.

Last year, watching NBA games in VR was free. Moreover, in Horizon Worlds, games will likely continue to be free. Meta did mention that in the future, fans will be able to watch more fun with an NBA League Pass subscription.

Quest owners can now jump into the dedicated NBA Arena and watch with friends or play minigames. Furthermore, you can also purchase digital NBA apparel in the Meta Avatar Store in the coming weeks. The NBA has also released the current VR schedule up until April 9. Like in the past, games were geo-restricted, meaning a person located near a physical event may not be able to view the game in VR and have to watch it on TV via their local broadcaster.

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